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Rain rain….is here to stay

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2007 by pensivelawyer

No, i have not become the weatherman….though i could probably do a far better job than the current bunch of monkeys we have.

While i do like the rain….it does tend to get in the way nowadays. Cant walk down and drive off like i used to……gotta worry about that paranoia that remains in most of our li’l heads….”is it gonna be another 26/7″ …..will my car become a boat (luckily not again)!

Add to that is the fact that tomorrow is a work day….yeah, gotta run into the Esplanade Court a.k.a. Quilla (pronounced – killa) Court, for a freaking withdrawal!….Atleast it doesn’t get easier than that!

I hate these weekends that leave you unrested and unrefreshed.

Dammit, I’m bitching too much. Must be that time of the month!


Do you wonder?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 27, 2007 by pensivelawyer

Sometimes i wonder why people automatically assume that the person they’re talking to is dumber than they are.

To my mind, the world would be a far far better place if we just treated everyone at par.

(yes, i know this post might seem a bit vague to some and to others, it clicks, doesn’t it?)

Bunch of morons!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2007 by pensivelawyer

I return from yoga on a Monday morning to see a new SMS on my cellphone. Something to the effect of the ‘Disaster Control’ department issuing a warning about heavy rains and winds expected in the next 24 hours in the city and the burbs (presumably on the basis of the Met dept. telling them of this).

Casually glance outside the window and see the sun, out in all its glory after a gloomy and wet sunday.

Now i’m wondering….is this possible?…..i mean, i have seen the weather change quickly but this is looking kinda hard to fathom.

Anyways, on with the day….and i was right…..there was barely any rain….and it was hot as hell….

Makes me wonder why we pay the Met department anything at all…. They should be paying us for the mis-information they spread. For 3 years i’ve been hearing talk of getting a Doppler radar (the kind that lets you predict weather accurately)……and till date the issue as i know it remains two fold:

1. No funds (yeah right!)
2. No place to put the fu%&in radar

So till these two issues are sorted out….us Mumbai-ites will have to deal with a bunch of morons issuing disaster control warnings and scaring the jeepers outta us……without all possible knowledge.

And yes, the Doppler radar is used successfully all over the world and is usually pretty accurate. If installed, it promises to revolutionize weather reports on our news channels.

I’m just looking forward to see some hot women tell us the weather!….;)


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F%$#ing inefficient Bast%$ds who deserve to be castrat$ed and hung!

Thats the crap i’m facing at work today.

Gonna head to the gym and vent!!!

Why can’t God give everyone a brain? 

What is this world coming to?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 15, 2007 by pensivelawyer

I was contemplating putting up another subject for this post but, for reasons i am unable to express, i chose not to. It should have been, ‘nutcases’.

As i was in Court yesterday….walking to the Bar room, i notice a li’l commotion. People were getting excited…and pointing to something on a higher floor. Now this expression of excitement was clearly visible from all verandahs and even from the ground floor so i decided to take a li’l breather and see whats going on (typically me – i loooove drama!…lol).

So here i am…watching a man….standing on a ledge…and the only thing he can hold on to is a pipe (water or drainage? – i have no idea!) The first thing that naturally goes thru my mind….What is God’s name is goin on here?……why is he out there?…..did he slip (dont ask, i thought of this one for some weird reason – probably just to tick it off the probables checklist!).

Then i notice that he defi aint a worker i.e., he’s dressed in jeans and a shirt and the shoes look pointed….like those fashionable things people wear nowadays. This guy was threatening to jump!!!

Yes, not too long ago i wrote a post on this….on how a guy tried to kill himself but slitting his wrist and more blah…..about how he lost his lady love and more drama.

It turns out, it was the same guy. First, he tried to kill himself by slitting his wrist…, he threatens to jump. What ticked him off into taking such a drastic step?….i have no idea. But i do know…whatever it was… wasn’t worth it.

There aren’t too many things in life that are more precious than a human life. Someone hasn’t leart his lessons and is now taking moee drastic steps. Is it an attention-seeking thing – probably. Does he need help – clearly. Will he get it – probably not.

Such is the world we live in.


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The latest blogmeet held on Saturday at Seijo was quite different from the few we have had thus far. Lemme tell ya some…:)

To start with, the now-official blog-hostesses Mel & Sakshi gave the blogosphere enough notice and more than enough advertisement.

They took the pain to deal with the management of Seijo to permit entry and managed to cordon of a nice, large section for the meet, which was duly noticed and appreciated. Add to that they managed finger lickin starters.

That set the stage for a nice fun evening, which i heard about. Unfortunately, was not able to stay there for the entire duration as i had to be back in town at 11pm. Stayed there till about 10:30 with Querida and saw some fun stuff.

Had the opportunity to meet up with some bloggers namely Jerry, Chronicus Skepticus, Shiju Thomas, Nandz (who i had met in Goa!). Quite a small world really.

Anyway, all in all it turned out to be a nice fun evening


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Now most of you guys would know that there’s a blog meet happening this Saturday. Details thereof have been adequately advertised and those of you who feign ignorance need some serious help.

So, this Saturday, at Seijo (Bandra West for the uninitiated), is where Mel and Sakshi (the official blogosphere hostesses), have decided to provide a platform for most of us to meet other like minded bitches. It starts at 8 or so and details can be found on Mel’s and Sakshi’s site, which, i cant seem to link however hard i try. So much for being technologically challenged.

Anyway, its on my blogroll so GO AND SEE IT NA. Dont you just hate it when people want you to provide everything at their fingertips for which YOU have to take the effort!…..grrr….:)

Spoke to Mel and expressed my inability at that moment to make it. But, as most things in life, that too is subject to change and who knows, i might just be there. One thing i do know is that its gonna be fun! Dont miss it if u can.