Smell the air….

For once, i have been able to slow down and smell the air…..breathe in the scent of life around me.

 I love it!


8 Responses to “Smell the air….”

  1. NYC!!!!!!!!!!! You lucky bug!!!!!!!!! No wonder I haven’t been able to get you on the phone!

    But seriously, you must have REALLY needed this break – if you think that the air in NYC smells good 😉

    Enjoy the month!

  2. Mel: Living and loving every minute of this holiday. Will catch ya when i get back…The weather has been awesome and i’ve been pigging out on pizza, pasta and beer!!! Life is good again.

  3. Hey babe….are you back?

  4. Idea: Nope….still in NYC….back…soon….

  5. Heya – just thought I’d give you a heads up on the Blog Party happening in Mumbai on June 9th 2007 (you’ll be back by then at least, right?!)

    Please check my blog for more details:

    Hope to see you there! And DO spread the word!

    PS: And do bring my kissing partner too!

  6. Mel: Will defi be back by then. Hope to be there too. Will ask Querida too. Thx for the update. As you can imagine, am quite out of it here.

  7. 🙂 Hey babe! What are friends for?!

    Though truth be told it possibly was Q I was after all along, hummm….

  8. Mel: Then we have something in common, dont we?….:P

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