All play and no work!

Its quite a good feeling to come in to work at 10:45 a.m., sit at your desk and find a pile of work that you do not have to do then and there.

I am now officially on my summer vacation. Came in to office to just wind up a few things and xfrankly, nothing needs to get done ‘just now’ so i’m gonna walk out in 15 mins. Damn it feels good!

On another note, i leave for my holiday to NYC tom nite….should be out for a month or so and am so looking forward to this.

One whole month away from the searing Mumbai heat, the running between the Courts in your own personal steam room (yes, its that hot in the suit and gown we lawyers have to wear). No more client calls at unearthly hours asking stupid and inane questions which, if they dont get the answer to, will do absolutely nothing! No more weekend work.

I am officially on vacation. Damn, i like the sound of that. See ya at the nearest hotspot!!!…cheers!


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