Insanity versus love

A rather sad incident transpired at the High Court a couple of days ago. A guy decided to attempt suicide, over a woman!!! (am i the only one who thinks this reason is over-rated?)

Ok ok….serious now…..

This guy, all of 29 years old, fell in love with a 18 year old girl……yup…..he – 29 , she -18…..he madly in love, she says nothing of the sort. Hmmm…..kinda hard to make that mistake na…meaning, its not that hard to tell whether a girl is as fida over you and you are over her!!!

Anyway, as it transpires…..he likes, sorry, LOVES her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Allegedly abducts her and brings her to another city where, according to her, she is kept in a locked room and beaten daily (thats apparently a sign of affection in India!….wonder where we get these wife/woman-beating tendencies from!!!)

According to him, she came on her own free will and now its her parents who are inflicting tremendous pressure on her to return to them…..she’s young and gullible and is falling prey to such emotional blackmail.

So now, matter comes up in the High Court where they apparently see each other after a while….and she informs him that she intends on telling the Court that she doesnt wanna return to him.

Our man decides that life, as he knows it, isn’t worth living without her. So he slits his wrist. Thats right, he slits his wrist outside the Courtroom in the High Court premises. Luckily for him, enough people were around (and we are so quick to abuse crowded courts na!!!) who saw what happened and got him medical help immediately.

The guy survives and is brought before the Judges who were quick to try and help him…..and even suggested a conciliation so as to withdraw controverted allegations thrown by both camps at each other.

1. What i cant figure out is, why in God’s name would a man wanna kill himself over a girl?

2. How in God’s name did he get a razor blade into the High Court – and also manage to USE it???….i mean, it IS a high security zone….metal detectors, frisking et all!…..Raises a question in my mind!!!

There is obviously a lot more to this than meets the eye and sadly, it almost cost a man his life. There aren’t many things more valuable than a life. And to be ready to throw away your own, for the sake of love, is something that is rather unfortunate.

“To have loved and lost is better than to have not loved at all.”

Hopefully Romeo will find his Juliet soon.


4 Responses to “Insanity versus love”

  1. If he slit his wrist in a crowded court in front of a lot of people, he did it knowing fully well that he would be saved…

    If he really wanted to kill himself, he could’ve done it in isolation…like the High Court loo…where he would be found after he was dead…that would have proved his love and its intensity..

    What he did was not for love…it was for the sympathy that he has managed to gather from people around as well as the Court who dont see his devious intention of doing an act which he knew would bear fruit and work in his advantage…and raise suspicions about the girl’s intention and her character..

    So much for a few mins of fame…in the Court, mebbe the newspaper and local news and now in pensive laywer’s blog

  2. Querida: Sympathy? Devious intention? Girl’s character? Is it possible you’re reading too much into this? Isn’t it entirely possible that he went berserk at the cold repudiation of his love by his lady?

    Anyway, like i said, there is a lot more to this than meets the eye. And the fact remains that a human life was almost wasted, for no good reason. Thats the point i was trying to make.

  3. Hiramani Says:


    I think i wasn’t here when all this happened but just want to know that why was he not punished for attempt for suicide (which is punishable????????


  4. Hiramani: He was booked for attempted suicide. I dont think he was booked for bringing a razor blade into the HC premises which is a high security zone. Not quite sure though.

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