I wanna be a politician!

So there i was, walking out of CG-83, the new avatar of CHina Garden where Nelson Wang has revamped the Om Chambers landmark restaurant and i see this stunning white Merc, a brand new CLS350 with dark black tints…waiting for its owner to come out. Add to that, 6 cop cars….gypsy’s…..all waiting for this guy to come out…..add to THAT he’s got gun-toting black cats…. thats the Indian super trained commandoes assigned to protect the VVIP’s…hell, you need Z-Plus security to get them assigned to you!!!

And out he walks….alongwith his wife and two sons….Mr. Narayan Rane….ex-Shiv Sena and now Congress…..Jumps into the front seat….son jumps into the driver’s seat……and they glide away in that hot hot beauty.

I want a CLS 350 toooooo……


5 Responses to “I wanna be a politician!”

  1. I want to be the politician’s daughter

  2. The daughters are usually kept hidden at home, like they used to do a long time ago. Its the sons who are allowed to enjoy the cars and more…;)

  3. Then obviously u havent heard of Indira Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi

  4. Lots of things to say wrt this, but then probably shouldn’t say them on the internet…

  5. Mel: Shoot me an email then!…

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