When the protectors turn

The current situtation in Pakistan regarding the Chief Justice being implicated and the behaviour of the Government including an arm thereof, being the cops, is most disheartening.

The Chief Justice, who has been accused of many wrongs, is being denied what every man should get – A free and open hearing. He must be allowed to give his submissions on the charges alleged against him, he must be permitted to give eveidence is so so desires……and most importantly, it must be done in front of the public eye. Justice must not only be carried out but it must also be seen to be carried out. The world must see that the Chief Justice gets every opportunity to be heard and the evidence so adduced by him MUST be considered before any order is passed.

This morning’s newspaper carried a report on how the cops in Pakistan entered the High Court and beat up lawyers…..evoking strong reactions …..This is a clear cut case of the cops literally taking the law into their own hands (no doubt at the direct behest and unwritten orders of the higher ups).

When the cops who are actually meant to protect you, turn against you by adopting wholly unfair and illegal means, it shows the porousness of the law and order system. It shows the inability of the Government to enforce the rule of law. It reeks of dictatorship on a principle level (as did Saddam’s regime).

Something needs to be done….and fast!


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