Murphy’s law!

The minute you feel good about something going your way, it can and usually will start going all wrong!

A couple of days back, i had written about my expenses being at an all time low…..guess what…..thats all changed!

But first, GOA…..mindblowing, mindnumbing and mingfu%$ing would all be putting it mildly. Lets just say that it was one hell of a vaction.

Stayed at a li’l resort near Calangute….which was actually about a 5 min drive from Baga….all ye Goa lovers would know that part of town is where ze fun is….and it was totally awesome. Had a nice li’l Italian Bistro across from us….served some excellent omlettes and Capucchinos…..needless to say, we were there every morning for breakfast and quite often during the day too.

Spent a few hours on Baga….soaking in the rays and being a beach bum….during the course of which i managed to lose my glasses in the sea…..ended up going to an optician who was quite the chor….Bas%$rd charged me more than double the price i pay in Mumbai for my glasses….but he got me the damn glasses in an hour and a half which, in my half drunken stupor, was quite worth the price and i happily paid up.

Partied at Club Cabana which was atop a small hill and had these awesome strobe light flashing high up in the sky…..was one of the best places i’ve partied in…..luckily we got ourselves a bed right by the pool overlooking the valley (i aint kidding, u gotta see it to believe it)……after which we got mindnumb on Vodka with apple juice….yum yum.

All in all, a trip that ranks up there with the memorable moments of my life.

And now, its back to work wid a bang!……time to rack up the hours baby!


3 Responses to “Murphy’s law!”

  1. mindf$%king????

  2. Cubana SOOOO ROCKSS!!! It’s one of my favorite clubs. Brought in NY there last year – you can imagine – we had a view of some 30+ places – fireworks in every direction.

    Another time I was (mercilessly) thrown into the pool (yes, fully clothed) by an overly excited friend. Lost a earing. But truth be told, it was superb fun. Always have a blast there.

    And Goa in general is so so great… darn this comment is becoming a post, I MUST stop here.

    YOU, stop complaining about Murphy ok????

  3. Querida: Didn’t you get it?

    Mel: New yrs there would’ve been one hell of a party…i can only imagine! You got thrown in the pool…..HAHAHAHAHA….and oye, next time, dont hesitate in writing a comment-post……:)

    As far as Murphy and me are concerned, we are brothers in law. Oh god that was such a bad one and it still made me holler… can only happen after my 9am coffee!

    Have a good day!

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