Happy Holi!

Wish ye all a happy holi! Spent the morning at work – after my holy yatra – and the afternoon and evening have been spent in a non-bhang induced stupor (Read: i’ ve been spaced out)

What is it with these Bankers? Dropped into my local Bank yesterday morning to make a quick FD…..you see, due to me being working more than normal, the expenses have reduced considerably…as a result of which the Savings A/c has swelled up a bit….decided that it was pointless keeping the cash in the Savings A/c doing nothing and being easily available to spend….much rather put it into an FD where i cant get my hands on it easily!

So, i walk into the Bank carrying my cheque book and a sweet li’l personal banker guides me thru the form……What do you know……its just like starting another account….the freakin Bank pretends like ‘it doesnt know you at all’…..and must comply with the ‘Know your customer norms’….nevermind that you have had relations with the same branch and the same bank for more than 8 years!

So i finally come to ‘Company / Firm’ where i dont mark anything…..and which receives a grunt of sorts from the woman, i kid you not. Now i’m stunned….i aint no company…..and i aint no firm…this is my Saving’s account for crying out loud.

She INSISTS i must enter my ‘Date of Incorporation’…..i tirelessly try and explain to the Dumb Fart that date of incorporation refers to a company…..’INCORPORATION!!!…..get it?’

She doesnt and tells me to put in ANY date….. and i’m left trying to then explain that if i do put in a date, it would be a false declaration on my part…..and for which, i would / could have to face consequences (whatever they may be)

She doesnt get it….and i’m forced to put in the approximate date from which i have started my legal career.

A simple 10 minute FD creation ended up taking the better part of an hour…..

Dont these people understand the difference between a a person’s individual Saving’s A/c and a Company A/c?…..i mean, it isnt all that hard! 


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