Jai Maharashtra

I need to learn marathi! Its hard enough doing without it at the High Court, where even though arguments are in English, the office staff (and therefore work!!!) is done fully in Marathi. I will even go to the extent of saying that a certain amount of arguments require knowledge of Marathi.

Now yesterday i was in Belapur for the argument before the Hon’ble Divisional Jt. Registrar, where i was fully prepared (or so i thought)……and the damn argument starts in Marathi….and i so didnt see that one coming.

Was left floundering for a few seconds until i gathered my wits and explained my predicament to the Officer…..who very graciously i must say continued the argument in English for my benefit, inspite of my later learning that his english was quite inadequate to understand the intricacies of my argument.

As a result, i was of the opinion when i was leaving his office that my entire argument was close to wasted. As it turns out, my client, who waited for a while to pick up the order copy (which is still not ready), informed me that deliberations and hardcore studying was going on to try and comprehend my submissions even at 5:30 p.m., thats more that 3 hrs after i finished!

My entire opinion was trashed as if deliberations are going on for more than 3 hrs, it can only mean one thing – CONFUSION!

In confusion, i find hope.

And now, back to the realities of the Hon’ble Debts Recovery Tribunal, where i must appear this morning.

Have a nice day and a great weekend ahead!


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