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I wanna be a politician!

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So there i was, walking out of CG-83, the new avatar of CHina Garden where Nelson Wang has revamped the Om Chambers landmark restaurant and i see this stunning white Merc, a brand new CLS350 with dark black tints…waiting for its owner to come out. Add to that, 6 cop cars….gypsy’s…..all waiting for this guy to come out…..add to THAT he’s got gun-toting black cats…. thats the Indian super trained commandoes assigned to protect the VVIP’s…hell, you need Z-Plus security to get them assigned to you!!!

And out he walks….alongwith his wife and two sons….Mr. Narayan Rane….ex-Shiv Sena and now Congress…..Jumps into the front seat….son jumps into the driver’s seat……and they glide away in that hot hot beauty.

I want a CLS 350 toooooo……



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The World’s Shortest Fairy Tale…

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl “Will you marry me?” The girl said, NO!”

And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing,camping, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn’t get fat, travelled more,had many lovers, didn’t save money, and had all the hot water to herself.

She went to the theatre, never watched sports, never wore fricken lacy lingerie that went up her ass, had high self esteem, never cried or yelled, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants.


When the protectors turn

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The current situtation in Pakistan regarding the Chief Justice being implicated and the behaviour of the Government including an arm thereof, being the cops, is most disheartening.

The Chief Justice, who has been accused of many wrongs, is being denied what every man should get – A free and open hearing. He must be allowed to give his submissions on the charges alleged against him, he must be permitted to give eveidence is so so desires……and most importantly, it must be done in front of the public eye. Justice must not only be carried out but it must also be seen to be carried out. The world must see that the Chief Justice gets every opportunity to be heard and the evidence so adduced by him MUST be considered before any order is passed.

This morning’s newspaper carried a report on how the cops in Pakistan entered the High Court and beat up lawyers…..evoking strong reactions …..This is a clear cut case of the cops literally taking the law into their own hands (no doubt at the direct behest and unwritten orders of the higher ups).

When the cops who are actually meant to protect you, turn against you by adopting wholly unfair and illegal means, it shows the porousness of the law and order system. It shows the inability of the Government to enforce the rule of law. It reeks of dictatorship on a principle level (as did Saddam’s regime).

Something needs to be done….and fast!

Murphy’s law!

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The minute you feel good about something going your way, it can and usually will start going all wrong!

A couple of days back, i had written about my expenses being at an all time low…..guess what…..thats all changed!

But first, GOA…..mindblowing, mindnumbing and mingfu%$ing would all be putting it mildly. Lets just say that it was one hell of a vaction.

Stayed at a li’l resort near Calangute….which was actually about a 5 min drive from Baga….all ye Goa lovers would know that part of town is where ze fun is….and it was totally awesome. Had a nice li’l Italian Bistro across from us….served some excellent omlettes and Capucchinos…..needless to say, we were there every morning for breakfast and quite often during the day too.

Spent a few hours on Baga….soaking in the rays and being a beach bum….during the course of which i managed to lose my glasses in the sea…..ended up going to an optician who was quite the chor….Bas%$rd charged me more than double the price i pay in Mumbai for my glasses….but he got me the damn glasses in an hour and a half which, in my half drunken stupor, was quite worth the price and i happily paid up.

Partied at Club Cabana which was atop a small hill and had these awesome strobe light flashing high up in the sky…..was one of the best places i’ve partied in…..luckily we got ourselves a bed right by the pool overlooking the valley (i aint kidding, u gotta see it to believe it)……after which we got mindnumb on Vodka with apple juice….yum yum.

All in all, a trip that ranks up there with the memorable moments of my life.

And now, its back to work wid a bang!……time to rack up the hours baby!

Have a great one!

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Allrite ppl out there…..i is heading to Goa early tom morning…eat your hearts out! I intend to do some serious R & R this weekend.

Catch ye all soon. Have a great weekend!

Happy Holi!

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Wish ye all a happy holi! Spent the morning at work – after my holy yatra – and the afternoon and evening have been spent in a non-bhang induced stupor (Read: i’ ve been spaced out)

What is it with these Bankers? Dropped into my local Bank yesterday morning to make a quick FD… see, due to me being working more than normal, the expenses have reduced considerably…as a result of which the Savings A/c has swelled up a bit….decided that it was pointless keeping the cash in the Savings A/c doing nothing and being easily available to spend….much rather put it into an FD where i cant get my hands on it easily!

So, i walk into the Bank carrying my cheque book and a sweet li’l personal banker guides me thru the form……What do you know……its just like starting another account….the freakin Bank pretends like ‘it doesnt know you at all’…..and must comply with the ‘Know your customer norms’….nevermind that you have had relations with the same branch and the same bank for more than 8 years!

So i finally come to ‘Company / Firm’ where i dont mark anything…..and which receives a grunt of sorts from the woman, i kid you not. Now i’m stunned….i aint no company…..and i aint no firm…this is my Saving’s account for crying out loud.

She INSISTS i must enter my ‘Date of Incorporation’…..i tirelessly try and explain to the Dumb Fart that date of incorporation refers to a company…..’INCORPORATION!!!…..get it?’

She doesnt and tells me to put in ANY date….. and i’m left trying to then explain that if i do put in a date, it would be a false declaration on my part…..and for which, i would / could have to face consequences (whatever they may be)

She doesnt get it….and i’m forced to put in the approximate date from which i have started my legal career.

A simple 10 minute FD creation ended up taking the better part of an hour…..

Dont these people understand the difference between a a person’s individual Saving’s A/c and a Company A/c?…..i mean, it isnt all that hard! 

Jai Maharashtra

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I need to learn marathi! Its hard enough doing without it at the High Court, where even though arguments are in English, the office staff (and therefore work!!!) is done fully in Marathi. I will even go to the extent of saying that a certain amount of arguments require knowledge of Marathi.

Now yesterday i was in Belapur for the argument before the Hon’ble Divisional Jt. Registrar, where i was fully prepared (or so i thought)……and the damn argument starts in Marathi….and i so didnt see that one coming.

Was left floundering for a few seconds until i gathered my wits and explained my predicament to the Officer…..who very graciously i must say continued the argument in English for my benefit, inspite of my later learning that his english was quite inadequate to understand the intricacies of my argument.

As a result, i was of the opinion when i was leaving his office that my entire argument was close to wasted. As it turns out, my client, who waited for a while to pick up the order copy (which is still not ready), informed me that deliberations and hardcore studying was going on to try and comprehend my submissions even at 5:30 p.m., thats more that 3 hrs after i finished!

My entire opinion was trashed as if deliberations are going on for more than 3 hrs, it can only mean one thing – CONFUSION!

In confusion, i find hope.

And now, back to the realities of the Hon’ble Debts Recovery Tribunal, where i must appear this morning.

Have a nice day and a great weekend ahead!