Earlier this week, right at the beginning (on Monday) to be more precise, i had to head to the Hon’ble Divisional Joint Registrar’s office for a matter. This place is located at Konkan Bhavan, beyond even Belapur, right at the other end of the city! I had to reach there at 11:00 a.m. for a hearing which was likely to go on for no longer than 30 minutes (after it was called out).

So, me being the careful and conservative lawyer that i am, left office by 9:45 and managed to make good time there. Managed to make it there by 10:45…..only to find out that the Officer had not come to work (or something to that effect)! He was in Pune and was likely to come back only on the 2nd of March!

Here i was stuck in a quandry….the High Court order, the one which required the particular officer to re-hear the matter and pass a fresh order, required him to do so before the 1st of March 2007. Luckily i had a copy of the said order which i showed to the Officer’s P.A. (yeah, P.A.!!!)

Now he gets all excited and animated. Bcoz of course his boss is not gonna like this at all. Plans are plans and he’s due back only on the 2nd. NO way in hell he’s gonna wanna come back earlier to hear me talk my nonsense for 30 mins max!

So he talks to his boss who is obv quite miffed at the thought of returning into office only to hear me blabber….and finally, i am told to remain present on the 1st afternoon. As it turns out, the Boss is coming back specially to hear me!

And poor ol’ me has to trek into the wild once more tomorrow, this time in the afternoon heat. Sometimes, it just sucks being a lawyer. Most times, it ROCKS!

Hope ye guys are having a nice week thus far.


2 Responses to “Belapur!”

  1. 🙂 I was amazed when I came here and saw the title of the post. I thought… didn’t he say “Goa”, when did Goa become Belapur? lol….

    Glad you like your job most times, always a good thing. Trust you’re all back & safe & sound, dreaming of Goa still 🙂

  2. Mel: Goa is next week….waiting with bated breath and dreaming of laying on the beach every night already….its becoming hard to sleep now!….lol

    Got back from Belapur and headed straight into office, quite a waste i must say as i was qite quite braindead. Belapur went off decently and i am now awaiting the order….

    Have a great weekend! Cheers!

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