Za mood!

I was burnt out. Working myself into the ground, in the hope of rising faster and flying higher. A contradiction of sorts isn’t it?

Anyway, waking up daily at 5:45 a.m. for yoga and then heading into a regular workday…add to that a healthy mix of gym days and you got yourself a recipe for disaster. Hell, i’m in bed by 10:30!

And then, as a ray of light peeps through a clouded sky, i saw my ray of light!…..GOA! A sudden burst of enthusiasm sees the gang heading into the land of beaches, babes and booze. It was a plan that came up suddenly…….. planning dates, flights, hotel and people….all done within 3 hours.

And now, the thought of Goa makes me light headed. I actually look forward to that 5 a.m. flight, yes, you heard right – 5 A.M. and i have no doubt that i shall return, recharged and rejuvinated, to drive myself into the ground some more.

Life is a contradiction!


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