Without limits

A relaxed Sunday morning…..a steaming cuppa coffee in front of me…..the thought of work banished from my mind for a few precious moments.

Was watching some TV and i was suddenly thinking of this movie i saw a while back….it was shown quite often on one of these angrezi movie channels and it was a pic that i enjoyed thoroughly. It was called ‘Without Limits’.

It was about a runner, Steve Prefontaine, an American from Coos Bay, Oregon. Young Steve slowly acquired a reputation of being a serious runner and was sought after by many colleges (like most athletes with potential are) but his heart was set on the University of Portland, Oregon (i think) where the famous Bill Bowerman was the running coach. Steve wanted Bill to invite him to the University and Bill, now considered to be one of the best running coaches (and who has a whole line of shoes named after him by no less than Nike), consented and wrote him a letter inviting him. Steve accepted.

The passion of running is one that can only be known from experience. I used to run till i busted my knee and was forced out against my will. Sometimes, i ran twice a day. Such was the joy i experienced in running.  

Steve was a runner who gave ever run his best effort. Whether it was a practise session or the Olympics, nothing made a difference insofar as the effort he gave to that run. And it showed.

Steve was probably the youngest man around who could run the way he did. Far ahead of his contempories. The movie showed how an injured Steve ran a race against his best domestic rival, who was quite unaware of the injury. A cut on the foot of a long distance runner, pounded thousands of time into the hard concrete can be disastrous. It did not make a difference to Steve who overcame the pain and came out a winner due to sheer grit and determination. The rival was shocked to see Steve’s bleeding foot after the race and was amazed at the manner in which Steve was able to run in that injured state.

In a way, the movie to me was about pushing yourself constantly, whatever be your chosen area. Work, gym, yoga, running, swimming or just being a better human being. Its about pushing yourself constantly.

Unfortunately for the world, Steve was killed in a car accident just when he was coming into the peak of his sporting career.

Power to ye all to push yourself. Have a great week ahead.


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