Holiday mornings….in office

I dont feel like working. I dont feel like reading. I dont feel like talking to people. I just want to pick up a nice book and have a steaming cup of coffee next to me…to savour the aroma of freshly ground coffee…..that first whiff one gets when they enter a coffee shop of repute.

Its been a nice couple of weeks. I’ve been on a Court holiday (yeah right!) and whilst one would infer that to mean that i’ve been chilling, its not that way. Things are never as they seem.

Court vacation for me means relatively chilled out days…..yes ‘relatively’. I can work flexible hours and savour a siesta. Unfortunately (or fortunately), i was given the opportunity to go to vacation court and appear. It was …..different. Less formal and more relaxed. Everyone likes to let loose including the Judges so its a lot easier on all concerned. The informality was a pleasure to see and experience first hand. Add to that the fact that i was successful and got the order for my client no doubt helped in making my experience all the more satisfying…..:)

On another day, i went the the Debt Recovery Tribunal where a matter was placed…..and where we argued a bit. Matter got adjourned finally so…..

Its been a working vacation but the change in the punishing Court schedule is no doubt a welcome relief. Add to that the time spent meeting up with fellow bloggers namely Ideasmith, Melody, Sakshi, Vulturo, Shiju…and some non-bloggers like Shirrin (Arzan Wadia‘s wifey) was good fun.

Here’s to a great weekend before the return to life, as we know it.



2 Responses to “Holiday mornings….in office”

  1. How about returning to a life you don’t know?

  2. Ideasmith: What do you think i’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks?….;)

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