Woke up early this morning…had some work to do……wa preparing for an argument i had to make. Happened to check my blog where i came upon a comment made by a certain anonymous individual….

Check it out…its under the entry – “A day of lost opportunities“. It seems anonymity lends an air of superiority. A person who chooses to hide behind the cloak of anonymity can only be considered a coward.

A fellow blogger (Ideasmith) faced the same issue some time back and wrote on it. I must say that i now understand her point of view better. While it is absolutely fine to have an opinion which differs from anyone else’s (including mine for that matter), degrading another’s opinion in the manner done reeks of cowardice and malice amongst other things. One will usually find that behind such anonymous actions lies an insecure person who is unsure of his own accomplishments and is jealous of others’. Such a person may also suffer from some sort of an inferiority complex and may even require medical treatment. Hell, they may be chronically depressed individuals who are on medication for their ailments.

Personally, i enjoy an argument (hell, i am a lawyer arent i!….:) …..). Bring it on baby!


7 Responses to “Anonymity”

  1. Go, tiger! Let’s put out a post-morcha on these miserable anonymous bashers! I’m sick and tired of having mud slung at me from the shadows.

  2. ideasmith: lol. i get ya girl.

  3. This is for you, you anonymous user…

    Mr. user LOSER..

    Im a lawyer who likes to ryhme…
    and Im sure losers like you have all the time…
    To sit and make judgement calls and speak trash
    Well, trust me…none of us give a tiny rat’s arse

    God, are you for real? To think that your pompous enough that pensive lawyer would scram to offer explanations/justifications/clarifications to you is making me laugh my butt off.

    Everybody is here to make a quick buck…arnt you? At the end of the day, all that your answerable to is your own conscience…and not to some schmuck who hides behind the walls of anonymity and makes ‘STUPID’ comments in the name of morality.

    Why would u want a tete-a-tete with him, pensive lawyer? Do u have time to waste? I’d rather u invest your time in making a ‘quick-buck’.

    Oh Golly, here I am wasting my client’s time in making a quick-buck…

    gotta go…

  4. Querida: Thank you sweetie. As far as being a waste of time is concerned……time spent in understanding another’s point of view is hardly be a waste……of course, in our world where time is money its completely understandable (considering WHAT i’m trying to understand in the first place…lol).

    And on your comments to the anonymous User 604 – GO GIRL!….:):):)

  5. Oh you lawyers!!!!! I stick to my post-morcha idea!

  6. And congratulations, dearie, on finally learning to link posts!!!

  7. Ideasmith: I thank thee for thy instructions without which this would have been yet another dream left unfulfilled. lol.

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