After a fantabulous trip where my body was subjected to torturous tests, i decided to atone for my sins. I hit the gym.

After a 20 minute warmup walk, i murdered the chest, the triceps and then decided to do abs…..after which, i ended with another 20 minute walk…..and a backache.

Moral of the story: Murder the conscience. Sins are a part and parcel of life. Atonement is for the monks. Accept that and sin some more.

Now where’s the damn iodex!


2 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. I cant believe you actually considered atoning for your sins over the weekend. Sa, youre losing yourself. Boo hoo hoo.

    Get up and go gymming for gymming’s sake you lazy ass in those hooooottttttt jeans. dont pick excuses.

    I’m sure the weekend involved a considerable amount of exercise too. Cooked anything special in that kitchen????

  2. Mnaaz: I assure you, atonement is now a thing of the past. As far as the weekend workouts are concerned, information thereon is classified. Comprende?

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