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Without limits

Posted in Uncategorized on January 28, 2007 by pensivelawyer

A relaxed Sunday morning…..a steaming cuppa coffee in front of me…..the thought of work banished from my mind for a few precious moments.

Was watching some TV and i was suddenly thinking of this movie i saw a while back….it was shown quite often on one of these angrezi movie channels and it was a pic that i enjoyed thoroughly. It was called ‘Without Limits’.

It was about a runner, Steve Prefontaine, an American from Coos Bay, Oregon. Young Steve slowly acquired a reputation of being a serious runner and was sought after by many colleges (like most athletes with potential are) but his heart was set on the University of Portland, Oregon (i think) where the famous Bill Bowerman was the running coach. Steve wanted Bill to invite him to the University and Bill, now considered to be one of the best running coaches (and who has a whole line of shoes named after him by no less than Nike), consented and wrote him a letter inviting him. Steve accepted.

The passion of running is one that can only be known from experience. I used to run till i busted my knee and was forced out against my will. Sometimes, i ran twice a day. Such was the joy i experienced in running.  

Steve was a runner who gave ever run his best effort. Whether it was a practise session or the Olympics, nothing made a difference insofar as the effort he gave to that run. And it showed.

Steve was probably the youngest man around who could run the way he did. Far ahead of his contempories. The movie showed how an injured Steve ran a race against his best domestic rival, who was quite unaware of the injury. A cut on the foot of a long distance runner, pounded thousands of time into the hard concrete can be disastrous. It did not make a difference to Steve who overcame the pain and came out a winner due to sheer grit and determination. The rival was shocked to see Steve’s bleeding foot after the race and was amazed at the manner in which Steve was able to run in that injured state.

In a way, the movie to me was about pushing yourself constantly, whatever be your chosen area. Work, gym, yoga, running, swimming or just being a better human being. Its about pushing yourself constantly.

Unfortunately for the world, Steve was killed in a car accident just when he was coming into the peak of his sporting career.

Power to ye all to push yourself. Have a great week ahead.



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And i is in agony. I obviously slept wrong and woke up with an aching shoulder blade. Did the morning yoga only to find that the pain did not disappear as i hoped it would.

Dying to just pop in a painkiller and hop into bed …..damn, that rhymes…..pop – hop….

Whatever!…another boring and useless day with not much accomplished thanks to no matter reaching…..

Enough is enough….does the University of Hyderabad offer distance education courses in English literature?

Shake that a$#

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Satuday evening in Mumbai. Listening to ‘Shake that ass’ by Eminem Absolutely sick of work and need to just ‘do my own thing’. I guess you’re bound to have moments of weakness like this.

Have been trying ever so hard to focus hard on work and not let a single opportunity slide by. Of course, this comes at a cost. Anyway, lets not waste time by thinking of work when i’m ‘taking a break’….:)
Saw the blog meet post put up by Melody. I was amazed at the ingenuity and the artwork. Mel – A job well done girl!

Even the Ideasmith plans to go and has put up the post. Have a dekho.

Tonite, methinks i shall unwind. Time to head out n party some. Cheers!

Dont feel like

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Dont feel like writing. Taking a break from writing (the little i did).

See y’all soon.

At last

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Finally, with much help and coaxing from Ideasmith, i have learnt how to link websites. Due thanks to her.

Holiday mornings….in office

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I dont feel like working. I dont feel like reading. I dont feel like talking to people. I just want to pick up a nice book and have a steaming cup of coffee next to me…to savour the aroma of freshly ground coffee…..that first whiff one gets when they enter a coffee shop of repute.

Its been a nice couple of weeks. I’ve been on a Court holiday (yeah right!) and whilst one would infer that to mean that i’ve been chilling, its not that way. Things are never as they seem.

Court vacation for me means relatively chilled out days…..yes ‘relatively’. I can work flexible hours and savour a siesta. Unfortunately (or fortunately), i was given the opportunity to go to vacation court and appear. It was …..different. Less formal and more relaxed. Everyone likes to let loose including the Judges so its a lot easier on all concerned. The informality was a pleasure to see and experience first hand. Add to that the fact that i was successful and got the order for my client no doubt helped in making my experience all the more satisfying…..:)

On another day, i went the the Debt Recovery Tribunal where a matter was placed…..and where we argued a bit. Matter got adjourned finally so…..

Its been a working vacation but the change in the punishing Court schedule is no doubt a welcome relief. Add to that the time spent meeting up with fellow bloggers namely Ideasmith, Melody, Sakshi, Vulturo, Shiju…and some non-bloggers like Shirrin (Arzan Wadia‘s wifey) was good fun.

Here’s to a great weekend before the return to life, as we know it.



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Woke up early this morning…had some work to do……wa preparing for an argument i had to make. Happened to check my blog where i came upon a comment made by a certain anonymous individual….

Check it out…its under the entry – “A day of lost opportunities“. It seems anonymity lends an air of superiority. A person who chooses to hide behind the cloak of anonymity can only be considered a coward.

A fellow blogger (Ideasmith) faced the same issue some time back and wrote on it. I must say that i now understand her point of view better. While it is absolutely fine to have an opinion which differs from anyone else’s (including mine for that matter), degrading another’s opinion in the manner done reeks of cowardice and malice amongst other things. One will usually find that behind such anonymous actions lies an insecure person who is unsure of his own accomplishments and is jealous of others’. Such a person may also suffer from some sort of an inferiority complex and may even require medical treatment. Hell, they may be chronically depressed individuals who are on medication for their ailments.

Personally, i enjoy an argument (hell, i am a lawyer arent i!….:) …..). Bring it on baby!