Traffic sucks!

Traffic in Mumbai has gone to the dogs.

No simpler way to put it. Had to go to Pune on Saturday for a wedding so i decided to drive. The drive there was fantastic. Left home at close to 5 a.m. and encountered little or no traffic. Made Pune by 8 a.m. A beautiful and uneventful drive.

Even after gettin lost in Pune we made the venue by 8:30 a.m. Quite hilarious by Mumbai standards.

The return was a fantastic drive up to Chembur. We even had a brief stop in Khandala. However, once you hit Chembur, GOD HELP YOU. Chembur to town to close to 2 hours!….Hell, it took that long to come to Chembur FROM PUNE! And mind you, even though there were a larger number of cars than normally on the roads at that time, the chaos was primarily due to idiots breaking signals!

Add to that the fact that the whole of Marine Drive was jammed due to weddings in ALL the gymkhanas! I dont understand why people need to light up weddings like cricket stadiums. Those damn floodlights are distracting as hell and are a potential cause of accidents.

Yeah, but for accidents to take place, the damn car needs to move!….hmmmph.

Anyway, i am close to deciding that no more driving unless its life and death. Cant handle this grief.


One Response to “Traffic sucks!”

  1. COMPLETELY, totally and 100% agree with you!

    Posted about this sometime back here:

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