Happy Birthday Bawi

This world is full of nutcases.

On that note of eloquence, i shall attempt to de-mystify my dear pal bawi.

She’s the biggest nut.

Now since that’s out of the way, i can proceed…:)

Dearest Bawi,

There are a few friendships that can withstand the test of time like ours has. The test of being at the receving end of my one-liners, perpetually being inundated with rude, insolent and even perverted words. The test of being around me. You have succeeded with flying colours.

You’ve been around through the good and the bad times alike, sometimes slapping me into reality when you thought i needed it. No question of mincing words here. You were there for me.

Today, on your day, here’s wishing you a gloriously happy birthday with all the fun and frolic possible in the DRT. May the power of the RO & the PO combine to give you one of the most satisfying and pleasurable experiences known to the female species. I will not understand the pleasure as i am not inclined in that direction but nevertheless, i wish it on you and only because i wish the best for you, always.

Love always,

The Gang.


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Bawi”

  1. Heppy burr-day to Bawi…
    Heppy burr-day to Bawi…
    Heppy burr-day to Bawi…

    ….don’t even ask why I’m singing for someone I don’t even know. The Pensive Lawyer insisted!!!! So happy birthday lady, whoever you are.

  2. Well-written…

  3. Sa darling,

    thats the sweetest. I love you all too.

    About the POs. 1 is lame, the other fat and STUPID. One RO is so squint i still cant figure out where he’s looking and the others have stomach’s to challenge a woman with quadruplets.

    Nevertheless, thankyou.

    love, always.

    And ideasmith thaink yeu.

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