I need a vacation

Now the past few days have been bloody hectic. Not so much the work component but more on the “general stuff going on that needs to be done, but can be classifed as ‘work’ “.

Even the work, its been, how can i put this, a li’l numbing. Am enjoying it a lot, but the mind is slowly but surely pulling out. I need a break.

But how can that be? I just got back from a week a NYC…..Oh wait, that was a month back. And i need another break already?
I guess this is the life of a lawyer. One holiday to another. Work is what comes between the holidays!…lol

Anyway, the Christmas vacation is coming up. 2 weeks of holidays from the High Court. Guess what? The other Courts are still working. Luckily, will be in a relaxed mood and will be able to take some time off to myself.

Have a nice day people.


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