May the Lord forgive them but may the Law screw them royally

Bunch of cartoons. This is what we Indians are turning out to be. Dont get me wrong. I love being Indian and i’m proud of being Indian, but when i see fellow citizens get taken for a ride, willingly at that, by some political leaders who have more selfish interests than anyone else (ironically), then its something that makes me want to throw up.

Take this recent case of vandalism, riots and what not, set off by an apparent desecration of a statue in Kanpur, no less! So we have a statue getting desecrated in Kanpur and we have a riot like situation with trains gettin torched, people getting beaten up and left completely scared and shattered, loss of productivity for the Country and people going insane in Maharashtra. No doubt, some noble politician who had ‘nothing but the best interests of the particular caste, creed or religion in mind’ asked his people to voice their concerns. Of course, this will only happen a few days before the election or somewhere close to it so as to infuriate the masses and get them together, to vote!

Now, my opinion on this is that any leader who claims to represent the masses, and encourages them to take to the streets and beat up ordinary citizens, burn trains, derail life in general and create a panic like situation, is not a leader. HE IS A CRIMINAL. He must be held accountable and it is in such cases that exemplary punishment must be handed out by the Courts. The Police must take extra care in collecting evidence so as to avoid the matter being lost on a technicality and all efforts must be put into holding such persons accountable for their action.

Nobody must be allowed to prevent a citizen from leading his life in a peaceful, enjoyable manner. Nobody must be allowed to hold the city to ransom, to achieve a personal and selfish end and realize political gains. If a person attempts to do so, he must be dealt with strictly and with the full force of law. Its time we Indian started thinking for ourselves and not letting others dictate our actions for their own selfish interest.


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