Bond, James Bond

Yes,i went and saw ‘Casino Royale’ yesterday.

Oh boy, where do i begin? This wasn’t a Bond flick. Now i’ve been watching Bond flicks since i was a kid (as have most guys), and i thought that this was defi not a Bond flick. I didnt have that ‘Bond’ quality, nor the ‘Bond’ story. Somehow, it reminded me of something like a Mission Impossible rather than a Bond flick. What i mean is, it was just another action flick. Get that?

I didnt like it. Yes, i didnt like a Bond flick. The new Bond is well, different. He didnt fit into the role perfectly like Pierce Brosnan or Roger Moore or even Timothy Dalton did. He’s, well, different.

Somehow, when a Bond does to a bar and asks for a dry Martini, and on being asked whether he would like it ‘shaken or stirred’ (NOT THAT HE SHOULD BE AKSED) – some things in life just shouldnt be done!….;), and then he says:

” Do i look like i care?”


And that for me was the end of the anticipation. I’ve been waiting for this flick for a while now and i can honestly say that its a Bond flick which you would not want to have on your DVD collection.

I think its time to watch Dhoom 2!


2 Responses to “Bond, James Bond”

  1. We liked him. Period.

  2. Ideasmith: As i hear you women say, there’s more to us than a fine ass!

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