And there is life

Finished…..all that pending frustration and angst is over leading to a morning where i can relax and write.

 The past couple of days have been rather busy as i have been giving my Masters exams. A complete waste of time so i decided to study last minute and go (as i usually end up doing) rather than waste time by taking leave from work. Result – 4 days of sleep walking.

 And today, we have the morning after syndrome….nahin nahin, before you miserable pervs out there get the wrong idea, its THAT morning after syndrome where i get in to work and i realise that i just dont feel like working.

I need a vacation. A real vacation with beaches, babes and booze (gotta be the man’s man na…;)) A vacation where i can sleep in late (yeah right!), go for a run on the beach, get oil massages by beautiful thai women…..sheesh.

The thought of this makes me miserable. Because i know it aint gonna happen anytime soon. Time to work. Cheerio.


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