The self-inflicted torture has begun once again. I am forced to stay within the confines of these walls and focus on words that go on and on and on…. and derive meaning from seemingly boring words.

The process itself is one that irritates me, as it would any rational human being. The argument i offer, is the same one offered by a number of men and women before me. The education system here SUCKS!

Anyway, had another terrible experience with our beloved University of Mumbai today and this confirms my earlier opinion about them. They are a bunch of miserable f%cks who just wanna fuc& aorund for the sake of it. Jobless Fuc&ers who want to harass anyone that happens to unfortunately venture before them.

I am the kind who likes to study in a library….same story since FYJC. Cant study at home as there are way too many distractions (in the form of the conveniences of today and the most dangerous distraction, is the bed!!!) so i go to the Univ of Mumbai library at the Fort campus. That big hall on the first floor of Rajabai Tower. Been there a lot last year and it was pretty decent. Nice, airy and well lit with natural light. I even went there yesterday to sit for a while and understand some stuff from people i know.

Today, the sentry at the desk decides to ask me for my ‘library card’. Dumbfounded, i look at him and whilst questioning his very purpose, i proceed to show him my University ID card (thats all i have!).

‘Yeh idhar nahin chalega’

Now forgive me for being pissed off, but i have reason! If the fuc&in University ID card wont work in the fuc&in University, WHERE IN GOD’s NAME WILL IT WORK?

‘Tumhara library card kidhar hai?’

Asked what in God’s name that is, he informs me that students without a valid library card cannot enter the library or borrow books.

Being a lawyer and prone to argue, i try a different tactic….being that i dont want to borrow a book. I just want to sit and read my books, the ones i am carrying.

‘Nahin, library card jaakar banao.’

The waste of time and effort went on for another few minutes where evn on requesting the man to let me go just today, he refused.

Ironically, i went to the library all of last year and even the day preceeding the incident, without any such experience. Nobody stopped me and i was permitted to sit and read peacefully.

What in God’s name is the UNiversity trying to increase the paperwork and the damn card system for? I mean, shouldn’t a simple ID card be enough to get into a library on the very same campus? Yet these idiots decide to increase the work (no doubt to hire more jobless fuc&s) not realising that the inefficiencies that they are bringing into the system.

God, i need a drink!


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