Another opinion

Now there’s been a lot of talk on this and somehow, i havent seen another opinion at all which scares me. I mean, are people THIS blind to the facts?


Apparently, a few kids after a night of partying got into a Corolla and went for a spin. On Carter Road, Bandra, they ‘lost control’ of their car and an ran over some pavement dwellers.

Now, the scary part is, exactly 24 hrs before it happened, i was on Carter road in a Corolla where I was driving. I saw these guys sleeping on the side of the road and i told my co-passengers, this is an accident waiting to happen! I promise you, this happened.

Now, whose fault is it? The driver of the car?…..Of course!….i mean, he was  driving under the influence of alcohol i.e. above the legal permissible limit and therefore, he must take responsibility of his actions.

Is this to say that the pavement dwellers are without fault?…or for that matter, the contractor (for the road concretization project the guys were working on), the BMC or the Government?

Dont get me wrong, the kid driving the car ran over people whilst driving under the influence and therefore, he is at fault. But i am of the opinion that if you have people sleeping on the road, its only a matter of time before an accident will happen.

Look at all the accidents that have happened thus far! Salman Khan, Bal Thakeray’s assistant etc. They all ran over people who were sleepin on the roads. Now if you’re driving drunk, you gotta face the music of the law. But what about the Contractors, the BMC and the Government, who let the people sleep on the road?

I mean,

1) Shouldnt there be a law that stops people from sleeping on the road?

2) Shouldnt there be a law that makes it the responsibility of the Contractor to provide a safe and decent residence for the labourers rather than making them sleep on the road?

3) Shouldnt the BMC make it part of every contract to provide for safe housing for labourers?

We’re putting these guys in front of cars!

Yeah, the guys that are sober can turn away and the drunk ones run them over. But why are they on the road in the first place? Dont they deserve to be given a safe house, atleast whilst they work on the roads?

Whilst i am all for punishing the guilty, I am also for equality. I think the Contractors, the BMC and the Government are equally responsible for this state of affairs. You can’t have people sleepin on the road. You’re ASKING for trouble. Its time we punished ALL the guilty.


One Response to “Another opinion”

  1. In essence, let people take responsibility for the consequences of potentially dangerous situations that they create? Fair enough, except that a pavement dweller isn’t that guy who’s thinking, “Five-star lounge, four-poster bed…blah. Let me try the pavement for a change!”

    Also, lets get practical. Its all very well to blame the government for not having the laws and the BMC for not being watchful enough to prevent such situations. The question, is what’s the alternative? Where to put all these homeless anonymous people who live on Mumbai’s streets? This is a city that’s groaning under the weight of its existing population, not to mention the constant influx of outsiders. All of this, with a serious dearth of funds for infrastructure. We don’t have the money to build new trains so we refurbish old scrap coaches for the local train network which is the lifeline of the city. Projects left half-way…baah, lets not even go into the political angle.

    Coming back, from a purely practical standpoint, its easier to just stop the handful of richie-rich drivers who believe they’re above the law than to put away the thousands that COULD be their victims, isn’t it? And consider….anyone of us could die from a freak bullet from a gang war, a psychopath’s weapon (think Hammer-man)….who should get put away? The victim or the perperator?

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