My first blog on wordpress. And i’m gonna be me and crib some more….:)

After waking up at 4 a.m. and realizing that i was still under the influence of jetlag, i decided to get back to my workouts. Now i usually try n get some excercise in everyday but since the last couple of weeks, i’ve been on a sabattical of sorts from my workouts.

 I continue. So anyway, i decided to go for a walk….you know na, early morning walk, good for you and more blah….so i put on my sneakers and the ipod (stupid li’l drug!…..i used to be the kind of person who loved to walk/run without music…..and now, i cant seem to do without this li’l wonder) and head out for a walk.

 Me being me, and me craving old times, and looking forward to re-living past moments of glory ( to be explained – another post, another time), i walked to Churchgate station and got some nice ‘cutting chai’. Its 5:30 a.m. and i’m in sneakers and shorts, drinking cutting chai at Churchgate station.

 Now truly awake and bored, i decided to venture further into the city and walked down to Marine Drive, right up to the point where the pathway leads into the sea, where some genius planned on making a bridge, which was never completed, and now gives us a spot to remember. I’m sure each one of us (Bombayites) has had a moment to remember at that spot…:)

And now, the boredom reaches new levels. At this spot and at this moment i decide to carry out my stretching excercises. Yeah yeah those ones which you see those fantastically toned athletes with bulging muscles and 6 pack abs (God knows i’d rather drink a 6 pack than have one) do before and after their workouts.  

And thereafter, feeling considerably less stiffer (really!) and breathing a whole lot harder i walk home and climb up the mountain to home. All in all, a good 50 minute workouts (including the chai). 

Its life. Gotta make each moment count. 

Have a great day ahead. 


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